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our founder

Canaan Caleb Mbokazi

Canaan Caleb Mbokazi was born on Wednesday 31 May 1961 as the last born of the ten children two of whom were girls to Mrs Christine Sibukeni KaSimelane and The Reverend Amos Mavela Mbokazi at Altona mission Kwa-Khiphunyawo under the area of iNkosi Bekayiphi Sibiya Traditional Authority.

The family moved from Altona to Hartland Mission in Bhadeni outside  Paulpietersburg.   He only clearly recalls the beginnings of his life at Hartland.  The family moved to the area when Canaan was only three and half years old.  He went to school within the mission yard in 1967 and started formally the following year.   His star mistress and teacher was Miss Maseko from kwaGedlase.   Miss Maseko’s impression is forever indelibled and has lasted in Caleb’s mind  and memory, throughout his life.   More details regarding Caleb’s life is encapsulated in his spiritual, historical and complete life in memoirs soon to be published entitled CANAAN - Land  of Milk, Fruit and Honey.

The highest class or grade at Hartland School was Standard Two but the efforts of The Reverend amos Mavela Mbokazi, his father, succeeded to upgrade the school from two up to standard seven.    Caleb was the beneficiary of such efforts.

Caleb enrolled at Kanyekanye Secondary in 1977 and proceeded to Dlangezwa High in 1979 after passing with high flying colours.   The contributing and star teacher was the late Mr and Pastor Robert Msoso Msibi an energitin and inspiring teacher amongst the team of five or seven teachers under the leadership of Mr H.K.Z. Bhengu.

As a country boy and a rural bumpkin, Caleb saw himself amongst kids from all over the Republic with the courtesy and assistance of parents and the able hand of Dr & Mrs Simon Mbokazi who resided at the University campus were his guardians whilst a student at the High School.  Caleb was involved in the Student Christian Movement – SCM and held a position on the Executive and Organising Committee of the Revival of the University of Zululand.
Their daily and weekly prayers were held or hosted at the Walter Gcabashe Chapel on the University campus.

Details of people he met there are mentioned in the autobiography.   One of the prominent names amongst these was the name of Prince Vusumuzi Zulu.   Ms Gumbi Nkosi & Prince Mntambo were inspiring brethren names one cannot forget.              

Due to good conduct and behavior at Dlangezwa High School, Mr Noel Yeni approached Caleb in May 1980 to represent Zululand at the Veld and Vlei Adventure Trust at Wagendrift Nature Reserve outside Estcourt.    Caleb was the only African child amongst the boy participants.

Caleb’s heart was broken when he failed to raise funds to enroll at University of Zululand after receipt of acceptance letter.   He returned home and briefly taught at Kanyekanye Secondary School in 1981.    His dream of achieving a degree remained as the light house of his life and daily striving.    Caleb enrolled at UNISA  in 1985 as the “fire” within his belly to obtain a degree could never be extinguished.  He obtained a first class pass in Education and a distinction in Psychology which was always his favourite subject and always close to his heart.

His brother Acquira contributed financially and assisted him to enroll at Madadeni College in 1983 to pursue a one year course designed to upgrade and provide teaching qualifications to temporary teachers.   On Monday September 26th 1983 Caleb met Innocentia Nomusa Mbatha.    They became good friends until they married on 15 May 1993.     

Sister Joan Collins accepted his application to temporary teach at St Lewis Bertrand’s High School.   The highlights are captured in the memoirs mentioned in this profile.   However, amongst many very good names of students at the school one is tempted to mention the name of Sipho Maseko “whom we pride ourselves as having moulded him in his early formative years at St Lewis Bertrand’s High School.”   

In 1987 Caleb finally got his opportunity to set his foot officially as a student at oNgoye.   The University credited him with the courses passed at UNISA and completed his Bachelor’s degree in 1989.    He qualified to enroll for his Honours Bachelor’s degree and specialized in Clinical Psychology whilst graduating for the Bachelor’s degree under Dr Makhunga and Professor Hlengiwe Mkhize, Mr Kunene, Mr nene and Mr Mandla Hlongwane who were led by a highly mannered gentleman and a very good person, Prof Edwards. After passing all the six papers with flying colours, Caleb graduated again in 1991.       

Caleb continued as a teacher at St Lewis Bertrand’s in Newcastle high under Sr Joan Collins.  All the staff members then are mentioned in the collection of his memoirs.   He later moved to Sizanani Secondary School near Jakkalspan near Osizweni Township.    The year 1992 saw him assuming membership of the newly formed Hope High School – which had been regarded as the first school in the Republic of South Africa that operated on a non-racial basis.    He was appointed as a Project Manager of DramAide project in 1983.   He later obtained the post of principal in 1994 at Sogaduzela Secondary School under the Circuit Inspectorship of Mr J.M. Mthethwa.   In 1997 he taught as a Senior Lecturer for three months at Madadeni College of Education.   Caleb sold medical aid on a part time basis and also formed Kelly’s & Inno’s shops to provide services to the public.   He was simultaneously appointed midway through the year of 1997 as the principal of Ndabezitha School behind eDumbe Mountain at Paulpietersburg.  During the same year he enrolled at the University of Natal in Pietermaritzburg to pursue his love for psychology of education.   In 1999 he graduated with the degree of Master of Education after contributing to the body of knowledge through  the thesis entitled: “Principals’ attitudes towards guidance in the historically disadvantaged secondary schools at Madadeni East and West circuit”.

Caleb left Ndabezitha School at the end of 2001 to become the first fully appointed Secretary to the House of Traditional Leaders in December 12 2001.
The responsible MEC was Nyanga James Ngubane and the Provincial House was led by Prince iNkosi Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi.   All the members of the two terms of the House of Traditional Leaders are fully captured in his personal memoir.  

Caleb received the word from the Holy Ghost to serve work of the Supreme Priest of the Almighty God, Christ Jesus and was ordained as a an evangelical priest early in 2011 at a service held at Mangosuthu Village near kwaPolo outside eBilanyoni settlement near Paulpietersburg.


During the course of 2010 the former department of Local Government and Traditional Affairs was changed to Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs and Caleb was shifted to the Directorate of Policy and Research under the same department.   Caleb personally made a contribution in the realignment of the department in terms of facilitating policies, regulations and legislative prescripts enabling service delivery in terms of national, provincial and local government, hence the change of the name of the department.   Caleb believes that it was the same holy spirit which led him to form The Inheritor’s Foundation Church of Christ Ministry.   Caleb regards the evangelical ministry as the precursor and initiator of  the non-profit organization popularly known as  The Inheritor’s Annual Community Achievement Awards Ceremony.   Therefore he believes that the church ministry is the mother of the awards through the holy ghost formed to recognize all community activists irrespective of their faith, colour, background, creed, race and orientation as long as they help those who cannot help themselves.  

Caleb participated as the Adjudicator in the Department of Correctional Services, KZN Provincial Government Researcher’s Forum; Member of KZN PanSalB; KZN Geographic Names Committee; Sub-Committee on Anti-Fraud & Corruption; Municipal Leadership & Management Stakeholder Liaison; Vryheid rural road transport Forum;

Chairman – uMgungundlovu District Motsepe Development Forum; Member of KZN Legislature Inter- Faith Planning Committee; Member of NICSA; Chairperson & Founder of uMgungundlovu Minister’s Association – “UBUNYE”; Ordained Priest; Founder INDONDO Awards; Contributor with Prayers on SABC uKhozi Fm; Preacher on 107.6 uMgungundlovu Fm; Universal Outcomes Volunteer Youth Counsellor.

Caleb has been honoured with KZN Excellence Award; Eagle Award and Love to Live Human Rights Award                                                 


MBOKAZI !!! Donda,!  Sontuli!!   Hlumakazi kaMdaka!!!
Wena wasOlwandle,
Lwandle olungawelwayo!,
Oluwelwa ziNkonjane,
Kanye nabaLungu, bona’baphapha phezulu!!!,
Wena kaMhlakazanhlansi!!!
Phahlaphahla kubeSuthu!!!!
Sobiko kaSongaphi!!!
Wenakas’bongo es’khulu, kasishiw eMzini!
WenakaMhlakaza nhlansi zingamshisi,
Wena kakhukh’ol khulu olwahlanganis indlu
Intomb’ ezekekayo kaHlumakazi!!!
WenakNgqamlathusi!!!, wena kaSnqam’’ sobhedu!!
WenakaMlamlankunzi ziyeke zibulalane!!!!,
Wena kas’’chumo es’bamba bantu s’bayeke!!
Wena kaNkos yomfazi,!!
Wena kaMtete!!!
Mnguni!!! KaCilo!
Mbokazi!!! !!! !!!!