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The Inheritors’ Foundation Church of Christ Inc:
The Inheritor’s Annual Community Achievement Awards Ceremony – Mokete ka Kgau ya Mojalefa
“Quisque Socium”

Our Background

The new community legacy recognition awards ceremony is the initiative and flagship of the Inheritor’s Foundation Church of Christ s’ community & ecumenical outreach program.  The awards were launched with the assistance of the Office of the Premier of KZN in Pietermaritzburg on 10 December 2009.

The awards ceremony was originally designed for the KZN province to be launched in all eleven district municipalities of the province after extensive research of the premier world renowned Golden Globe Award which is an American accolade bestowed by the 93 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association[HFPA].

They recognize excellence in film and television throughout the world, by hosting an annual formal ceremony and dinner during which their climax of the film industry’s season pitches with the Academy Awards.   During my search I noted that they have honoured their own niche [film & television industry]religiously on more than seventy occasions during the annual dinner of the Golden Globe Awards and further noted that they have hosted the function consistently without a break every year at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, California since the year of my own birth [1961].

In our humility, I felt the calling that simple people who would never become film and television stars need their own humble dinner and function to celebrate their humble devotion to humanity no matter how small the magnitude of our function in comparison to the typical awards mentioned above, however, through the spirit of Christ and our heroes/heroines who have gone ahead of us serve as an inspiration.

From the simple and humble beginnings, I imagined that although I am not popular, rich and famous, but through the power of the Almighty Living God, invite the local and foreign dignitaries to attend the launch from near and far to host the annual function and dinner which is dedicated to our heroines/heroes.  It is humbling that some dignitaries coming from the  neighbouring provinces; towns and cities and countries of our continent and have shown interest in attending the Inheritor’s Awards ceremony which has been “popularly” named by the locals in the Pietermaritzburg neighbourhood of KZN as “INDONDO” instead of The Inheritor’s Annual Community Achievement Awards Ceremony.

I have have conviction that the name arises from the fact that the silent owner and intrinsic founder of the Inheritor’s Award is the Son of God Himself, sitting in Supreme Lordship as Jesus Christ and the Saviour who inspired me as fount to assume spiritual authority to crown all those who walk an extra mile in their various fields of devotion to labour with love without expecting any reward or compensation.   One needs to look at the height and uniqueness of the trophy to witness that indeed it is the One; the only trophy representing His Grace and crown of the Lord Jesus Christ the King who is soon to come.

This is the broader community wide and open ended achievement appraisal system designed to allow ordinary people to evaluate and assess general performance and service delivery efforts at a public and societal level to nominate ordinary people who are local unsung heroes/heroines  doing extra-ordinary things and not expect compensation.

Our main objective “is to consider champions of civic activism by recognizing people, partnerships, groups, organizations and individuals who use their resources, assets or skills to uplift and empower the forgotten people as well as appraisal of local geographical legacies, such as trusts, places and neighborhoods that are invaluable to human development, social cohesion and nation building”.

All other awards are corporate/internal awards designed & delineated for actors, musicians, professional players and popular celebrities in various fields.   The Inheritor’s Annual Community Achievement Awards Ceremony “INDONDO” is the only project that embraces all categories and every community member interested in community development, legacy & heritage in general.     This new generation & open community wide legacy recognition awards community development project is designed to enhance morality, good role modeling, community & nation building, deepening  democracy and enhancement of national social compactness, spiritual RDP or therapy, social redress and reconciliation.

The Awards program is aimed at recognizing local heroes and heroines through nominations by any member of the community.   This community Awards program is shortly known as “INDONDO”.  We accept nominations from patrons, that is past honorees/awardees or /and press colleagues or any person of good standing.   All our nominees are our winners
The ceremony was later enforced by the legacy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, albeit that the Fount Rev Caleb Mbokazi had conceived the inspiration during the mid-80’s through the work of the late Dr Aggrey Klaaste the former Sowetan newspaper editor who had piloted a successful project based community building awards.    These awards in particular, however, could be defined as community legacy recognition awards.   The awardee should have sustained his/her project over his or her life time.        The project recognized should have elements that benefits the local community as a whole.   Government has later introduced a concept known as social cohesion which we have adopted.   

 We are humbled for having pioneered this concept without referring to it as a concept.   

All the awardees of INDONDO are identical in that they are nominated by members of the community as a result of the impact to the community.   Our organizing committee memebrs have the right to pick and choose nominees.    Nominees who decline our award upon the first approach, are normally never pursued any further.

The Founding Chairman [Fount] of the INDONDO Awards has a right to hand over the hosting rights of the ceremony to any Municipality/District/Province/ or Country that wishes to adopt and support the ceremony.

The ceremony is the only community legacy recognition awards program in the world that showcases the community pioneers / the grass root champions across the spectrum, who display best practices, enhancing the meeting of local celebrities rubbing shoulders with ordinary people for the purpose of rubbing off excellence of performance and inspiring winners to persevere in serving the public in whatever area they serve.  

The Fount believes that he has the spiritual authority and vested powers to nominate and approach and pursue a prospective awardee and honour such an individual or representative of a trust / group or organization.   The fount can redefine and fine tune each category from one occasion to the other depending on the availability of such a nominee/s during that particular season.   For an example if there is no musician or related nominee under such a category, the fount and the supporting committee is not bound to award any nominee in such as category.

This ceremony is also unique in that it is an “open” Awards program as it is the only Awards in the world where everyone is encouraged to focus   and get themselves involved in seeking the best generally acceptable practices and productivity in their area of operation from a car guard to an academic professor with a heart to help build communities.   Other awards are dedicated to men or women or film or music stars.

Therefore, “INDONDO” can be described as, “everybody’s” Awards Ceremony, from a hawker to a professor of astronomy who has a community interest at heart.  We are a program dedicated to uplifting the people behind the famous or popular people or organisations.

One should ponder and think about, that excellent car guard who might have helped you by noting down the registration of  that vehicle which scratched your car and ran away?; that brave youth who saved their next of kin in a blazing and devastating fire or flooding river; a local businesswoman who helps bury the destitute and the indigent and yet does not expect anything in return; that sickly Mom who, despite her chronic illness cares, feeds and looks after a terminally ill neighbour who has no relatives; that forgotten local grass root soccer coach;Ponder and think about many inspiring names from your neighbourhood.   Where is that anonymous kindergarten coach who moulded the likes of your national celebrities and many top sport stars coming from your region? before they could be international toast, with due respect Sir, you can name many unsung heroines/ heroes in different fields within our local communities. “INDONDO” recognizes the people, places, events and partnerships behind the prominent or successful events or people.

This ceremony makes their families celebrities for a day once in their life time. This ceremony show cases best practices and enhances service delivery improvement innovations at an open, community wide, grassroots level.    Some families are helped to reconcile with one another.

One thinks of those who stand out and excel in areas such as pre-school teaching & learning, health care, public safety, medicine and nursing, policing, arts, entrepreneurship, public service, music, community health care, public transport, law and security, food production, construction and architecture, e.t.c. local outstanding and extraordinary acts of bravery or / and long service to their profession or labour and service of any kind.    It is important for any country to adopt this kind of a project in order to overcome prejudice, discrimination and promote the deepening of the   democratic process, unity and development.
The operating framework for the Awards is structured as follows;


  1. 1. The Inheritor’s Annual Community Achievement Awards
    Ceremony “INDONDO” Categories are :-(a)     Education / Teaching & Learning
    • Medicine / Nursing & Health Care
    • Choreography, Music & Dance
    • Arts, Dramatic Arts & Entertainment
    • Community Development and Leadership
    • Sports, Tourism & Recreation
    • Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
    • Law, Security, Peace & Order
    • Tradition, Customs & Culture
    • Agriculture, Parks & Conservation
    • Public Transport & Communication
    • Religion & Community therapy

The Ceremony has a standing Posthumous Category of Awards.   Foreign citizens are also considered for awards in the International Relations Category.    Categories are not cast in stone, as people could nominate anyone beyond the categories mentioned above.The Organizing Committee makes a final decision and the Fount provides relevant nomenclature for each category, relevant to nominated awardees at a specific time and occassion. All our nominees are our winners.That means our nominees do not compete for an award, so that they are mentioned in a category and only to find that only one of them becomes a winner and others go back home empty handed.
Our Organizing Committee always ensures a balanced and a truly representative handling of the set of nominations from all communities around the country without bias, fear, favour and background.
Nominees may not exceed 10 winners in each category.The project is not a competition.All invited nominees are declared winners who will carry away with an  INDONDO Statuette and a CERTIFICATE, and a discountedsponsored HOLIDAY for TWO at the participating hotel if a sponsoring hotel is available.

  1. 2. The Inheritor’s Annual Community Achievement Awards Ceremony (INDONDO) was launched in a significant and humble beginnings at a function in the Umgungundlovu District of KwaZulu-Natal by the Honourable Premier Dr Z. L. Mkhize and since then, more than 335 awards have been handed to people such as King Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu,  Ray Phiri & Stimela, Dr Aggrey Klaaste, Credo Muthwa, Sam Nzima; Joe Thloloe; Nat Nakasa [Posthumously], Mr J.Z.M. Sambo; Vusi Ximba; Rev. Jim Wallis from Washington, D.C. and the USA based Dr Prof Allan Boesak and too numerous to mention since our inception. 

The ceremony aims to encourage the emergence and unearthing of more good role models in every sector of our communities.    Electronic and print media have been very effective and crucial in both phases i.e. phase  1 (nominations) and phase 2 ( build up to the ceremony) to inform the public as the awards are a mass based public participatory project.

The local municipality of any the province / country and other centres stand to benefit from a communitywide massed based project which aims to recognize the efforts of individuals within their communities.     Each hosting town and its surroundings will be the centre of focus as the host in terms of tourism.

The centre of the City of the hosting province / country would be seen to be welcoming guests from around the region and surroundings thereby galvanizing tourism which would benefit local tourism of each hosting town / city.
Ke nako!!!.  This ceremony joins and becomes the legacy of the historical, the most successful, the done and dusted 2010 FIFA World Cup Tournament hosted by the Republic of South Africa and shared by the SADC region and other countries in Africa.   The World Cup spurred our humble efforts to soldier ahead and beyond the past world cup which has the power to unite all peoples, languages, cultures and orientation of the people of the world.

This community-wide grassroots and mass based ceremony was launched in 2010 to complement and commemorate the successful hosting of the premier sporting tournament in the world.      This ceremony is the eulogy and nostalgia which expresses the sweet memories of tourism, peace and nation building as well as the hype/factor of the tournament (the 2010 FIFA World Cup) which continues to live in our minds and hearts forever and the generations to come.   It our idea to partner with 9 other major events in all provinces of the Republic of South Africa.  For an, example, Macufe in the Free State province, e.t.c.
Countries such as Rwanda could adopt The National Annual Community Awards Ceremony based on the same pattern as proposed in order to  coincide with the country wide celebrations of the 16 years of a new page in the life of the nation after genocide at the navel of the continent of Africa.

This commemoration is exclusively special in countries such as the Republic of Rwanda, as the nation has taken one step towards reconciliation and peace.   It seems appropriate to adopt this national project to help reinforce efforts towards development, peace and democracy.   Indeed, the continent of Africa is opposed to darkness which we all abhor.      This annual community achievement awards ceremony is the expression of a universal message of hope for a brighter tomorrow.      As we mushroom from the ashes of division, colonialism, apartheid, racism and tribalism we stretch our hand to all the communities such as Rwanda to co-operate with civil society such as this project, to initiate and launch this Communitywide Award in 2011 exactly, after it was inducted after the eventful year of the hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in the continent of Africa, the feat which will never be repeated in our life time.

Feel it, Indondo is here!!!  Feel it!!! It is Here!!!    What a fitting partnership that in RSA, the province of KwaZulu-Natal is one major province which once went through the internecine violence which saw too many people killed, albeit, not comparable in magnitude with Rwanda.   The World Cup and the emergence of a new communitywide concept of recognizing the efforts and toil of our suffering with pride and hope to unite and realize the dreams of our local community against adversities and emerge as a united nation and community in a united country.

Indondo Awards touched the emotions of people like no other event. This has been evidenced in all the events held since the inaugural ceremony in Umgungundlovu. In all the ceremonies awardees of INDONDO recount the value of being recognized as a people who contributed in their different spheres of operation and occupation within their communities.   Areas such as the East Rand in the Gauteng Province [eKurhuleni] are areas that require the spirit of nation building and healing on an urgent basis.
This activity (the ceremony of INDONDO) goes a long way towards fulfilling the Millenium Development Goals of our country, as it enhances the good governance principles, best practices and developmental principles in an open public arena, particularly, at a community level.
We extend trust in those who are considerate to help us communicate with the authorities in their municipalities / provinces / countries so they could share the same purpose to advise us how we could meet with the relevant officials to discuss partnership to sponsor the proposed ceremonies in the respective provinces / countries in partnership with local media.
Our informal, gut, survey indicated that this ceremony is destined to become the most popular event than any activity in any province/country as it involves everyone hence our motto “each one a partner”.

Our experience is that “INDONDO” has the snowballing effect from every community member to devote himself/herself in order to achieve positive recognition in order to be nominated for the award. Patrons/Honourees/Awardees who have received INDONDO usually perform more excellently in their chosen areas after having been recognised.  Therefore, it seems that the award has an effect on capital human performance.

Some members of the public, have told us, the ceremony is destined to become an established “town talk” annual festive occasion because it is destined to be a popular brand due its credit that “everyone” identifies with its concept and the brand will soon be adopted by the entire public of any municipality / province/country. The spin-off is that this ceremony has the effect of complementing or strengthening the reconciliation, nation building and peace efforts of government.

The communities will also benefit; in that everyone would be motivated to become a locally recognized heroine / hero.  The ceremony would benefit those locals who would never have, in way, become celebrities in order to obtain public attention and become recognized for their efforts in the areas where they excel. We have observed that winners tend to multiply their efforts of helping their neighbourhood after they have been recognized.

Space does not allow us to capture the quotable quotes which stirs the moving feeling found from the various emotional and moving comments from the great, yet humble people and individuals throughout the different ceremonies and after the ceremonies, however, their comments are the main driving force for us to keep on moving towards achieving an equitable society by healing the nation through the continuous striving to hand over the spiritually inspired award in the world despite lack of sponsorship.
By so doing, the ceremony enhances (morality) patriotism and appetite for striving for excellence and value added performance in one’s devotion for the benefit of the community beyond personal gain and enrichment.

The “INDONDO” Inheritor’s Annual Community Achievement Awards Ceremony (Mokete ka Kgau)  Umkhosi weNdondo yeNdlalifa, which has been named by the locals as “INDONDO” at the Umgungundlovu, might have implied that it is the one for everyone as an annual continuous community building exercise, which  complements service delivery initiatives led by  government and focuses on highlighting the importance of recognizing the unsung heroes and heroines who have gone an extra mile in prioritizing service delivery in their different spheres of occupation and some (particularly) who have laid down their lives whose blood nourishes the soil from which we reap the fruit today in our local community areas.

As an ordained priest, it is incumbent on us to properly handle with dignity, faith and ultimate spiritual decorum, the ultimate recognition of those who have passed on which we usually host in every dinner since the inception or the launch of the ceremony.



“INDONDO” is proud to be a catalyst for social cohesion and community building at a local community level.    “INDONDO” awards program is the initiation of the culture of community care and consideration.

For an example, when nominees are informed of the prospects of receiving recognition, they tend to feel that they have not been forgotten, and they feel honoured, considered and all usually report the feelings of regard by their government.   We pride ourselves by uplifting those who are physically handicapped as they are usually shunted and shifted sideways during the glitz and glamour of other awards.   It is our humble honour to open the stage for them and let them shine as the Supreme Lord Jesus is not ashamed of their physical handicap.

Many have reported of having felt that they thought the government had neglected them.    That seems to prove that people expect to be recognized for their effort for having served and having participated in the general livelihood of the nation.
Our focus are banquet / black tie ceremonies aimed at making everyone feel welcomed and recognized.  We have deviated since our inception to charge any admission fee during our functions.  Christ the Lord helped open the eyes of those who could not see but never charged them; therefore we go an extra mile to seek sponsorship so could host a successful dinner at no cost to our guests.   Formats of ceremonies could differ from province to province depending upon venue and style preferred by local organisers. We forsee this project being launched in DRC; Burundi, Nigeria, Rwanda; Swaziland and many other parts of our continent and beyond.

The Rt. Rev. Canaan Caleb Mbokazi, M.Ed.[PsychEd](Natal),B.A.(Hons)(ClinPsych),B.A.(UniZul),P.T.C.
Fount, Convener & Chairman of theIACAAC-“Mokete wa Kgau” +27 (0)82 729 5560/+27(0)833 440226 :-The Inheritor’s Annual Community Achievement Awards Ceremony Mokete ka Kgau ya Mojalefa / Umkhosi  weNDONDO yeNdlalifa